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1 computer permanent license 9.99 USD 9.99 USD -- --
10 computer permanent license -- -- -- --

Purchasing an account license can be done through paypal by either check/money order/ or credit card. This license may be used on any number of computers but you may only be logged in on as many computers as you have licenses. You can make the purchase on their website by clicking BUY NOW. This license is valid for the lifetime of the software. If you wish to have your key resent to your email click on Resend Key.

Make sure you enter the correct email in the box as your license key will be sent there

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Terms of Service

By buying Magebot you are also signing a pact where you agree with the following terms of service:

  • Purchasing a Magebot license gives you a limited right to use Magebot for a limited time, for a limited number of computers, depending of the license type.
  • While your license is valid you will be able to download Magebot installers and updates, and you will be able to use all the features of Magebot.
  • The payment can't be cancelled after you already downloaded Magebot or after you started to use it.
  • Advasoft offer you very high quality cheats, however - just in case - ... This software should not be used in critical systems where failures would cost lifes. Advasoft is not responsible for any possible damage or loss of any kind as result of installing or using Magebot.
  • You can't use Magebot in more computers than the limit for the licenses you bought. You can get a temporal or total end of service if you abuse on reinstalls or hardware changes in order to bypass the limit.
  • Advasoft is a very profitable business, and maybe it will be working for 50 years or more, however - just in case - ... You should consider the special nature of this business. Advasoft might be forced close business at any time without previous warning. In that case Advasoft won't be forced to compensate for the not used time.
  • If you have to contact us then do it by means of the forums first, and the Google Checkout business email second but please be patient because answer might come in around 7 days. Try searching for the solution in our forum first, it is usually faster for common problems.
  • You can use your welcome email as a legal invoice of your payment.
  • Taxes are already included in the prices. However, in the case of bank transfers from countries different than the USA you might be charged some extra fee by your bank

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